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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Educational Play Time

Play, educational?


We're relaxed homeschoolers, don't we know that?

But often, don't we get so tangled up with "what they're learning", that we forget to nurture the soil of that learning?

Quiet time, thoughts allowed to decipher themselves, fresh air, and, even according to medical studies--"a healthy dose of magnetism from the earth", are all essential in growing our little ones.

If ever we live in a "noisy" day it is now. A recent public service announcement said, "Parents, make sure your child plays at least one hour a day."

We have to be told?

What seems so natural, so God-ordained has been crowded out with newer technology, louder toys and more visually-stimulating activities.

Put those kids outside for a good, heavy dose of play time!

"Play is the mother of creativity."

1 comment:

Kim M. said...

And all the kids said "AMEN"!