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Monday, November 10, 2008

Creative Science Curriculum for Relaxed Homeschoolers

Since my daughter loves to write, loves to take pictures and loves nature (particularly taking pictures OF nature), I had a great idea to faciliate her love of science (without a text book:-)

I allowed her to start a "Nature Journal/Photography" blog, which she named "Candid Creation".

She is really enjoying the challenge of researching and documenting accurate information as well as trying to maintain a command of grammar and syntax. There is something about going public that puts the pressure on...in a good way!

Not only is she hoping to learn from her posts, but also that other homeshcoolers could use her blog as an on-line directory of interesting information about the wonderful creation in which we live.
And as she discusses her exciting discoveries, her siblings learn a ton!

Just an idea you may want to adapt to your children's interests!

Of course it's always a bonus that they must learn basic computer and typing skills to blog!

1 comment:

Kim M. said...

I think that was a great idea. I read her post about the spider species to my boys earlier and they loved it.